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A young woman died in her hotel room after making a fatal ‘bathroom mistake’!

According to reports, emergency services were alerted due to concerns for her safety, but by the time they arrived at 6:27 am, the young woman, Chloe, had tragically passed away in her hotel room. During the investigation, Chloe’s mother shared details, stating that there was an engagement party or similar event taking place.

As the night progressed, Chloe consumed shots and alcohol, becoming intoxicated. Her friend, noticing her condition, accompanied her back to the hotel room, hoping she could rest and recover. He later left the room.

In a disoriented state, Chloe woke up, not realizing her surroundings, and mistakenly opened the wardrobe door, mistaking it for the bathroom or the exit from the room. Tragically, the wardrobe was large and heavy, causing it to topple onto her and compress her windpipe.

The 21-year-old woman’s life came to a devastating end when she inadvertently triggered the accident with the wardrobe. Chloe’s mother, Nicola, aged 49, shared that her daughter, in a state of confusion, emerged from bed after a night out and mistakenly believed the wardrobe door led to the hotel bathroom.

Chloe’s friend returned to the hotel room after their night out to find her trapped beneath the weight of the fallen wardrobe. Shocked by the sight, the friend urgently called for assistance, prompting two nearby individuals to rush to their aid.

Together, they managed to lift the heavy wardrobe off Chloe, but tragically, it was too late. Emergency services were contacted, and despite their efforts to resuscitate her, Chloe could not be revived.

This devastating incident serves as a somber reminder of the fragility of life and the unforeseen dangers that can occur even in familiar surroundings. The family and friends of Chloe mourn her untimely loss, while the community reflects on the importance of safety and vigilance in everyday situations.

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard joined the KPRC 2 digital team in the fall of 2021. Prior to becoming a digital content producer in Southeast Texas and a Houstonian, Moriah was an award-winning radio host in her hometown of Lorain, Ohio and previously worked as a producer/content creator in Cleveland. Her faith, family, and community are her top passions.


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