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Woman’s Horror as Dermal Filler Treatment Causes Nose to Detach, Issues Warning

Krysta Carten, a 52-year-old woman from Seattle, Washington, experienced a horrifying consequence after undergoing dermal filler treatment to conceal smile lines, a decision she now regrets and wants others to approach with caution.

Having been frequently mistaken for her husband’s mother, Krysta sought a solution for her visible signs of aging and opted for dermal filler injections. However, her alleged experience with a doctor who administered an excessive amount of filler into a major blood vessel resulted in severe complications just two weeks later, told the Mirror.

Krysta, a professional entertainer, had been using Botox for nearly 20 years and initially found success with filler treatments starting in 2016. Unfortunately, a vascular occlusion led to necrosis in the skin around her mouth, nose, and left nostril, causing the flesh to die and detach. The unexpected side effects had a profound impact on her career of 30 years.

Recalling the aftermath of the filler injection, Krysta described feeling a strange numbing and tingling sensation, accompanied by facial swelling and slurred speech. When complications arose, she sought medical attention, only to discover that a blood vessel had been hit during the procedure. Despite the doctor’s reassurances, Krysta experienced further deterioration, leading to the detachment of her left nostril.

Krysta expressed shock and terror at witnessing her face burn, melt, and fall off. The traumatic experience resulted in her being unable to eat due to her swollen mouth, causing a significant weight loss. Financial constraints prevented her from pursuing reconstructive surgery, and she eventually consulted a facial prosthetics specialist, learning that her nose could not be restored.

Krysta has shared her journey on TikTok, aiming to caution others about the potential risks associated with dermal fillers. She uses makeup and jewelry to conceal scars and is saving for a new prosthetic piece to improve her facial appearance.

Reflecting on her experience, Krysta has ceased all Botox and filler treatments and now embraces natural aging. She emphasizes the importance of choosing a qualified and responsible doctor to avoid similar consequences and hopes her story serves as a warning to others considering cosmetic procedures.


These are the stages of a vascular occlusion, or blocked blood vessel, over a few weeks time. My doctor never warned me there were serious risks and had no idea how to treat it when it happened, so my face burned and melted inside and out in slow motion while I watched helplessly. I don’t have the right words to explain what happened in my brain when I experienced this terrifying trauma, but my life was destroyed along with my face. My practically perfect physical and mental health is gone. I have no choice but to find new ways to make a living and experience happiness and fulfillment. It sure isnt happening as an entertainer anymore. #disfiguredandandsexy #disfigured #prosthetic #prosthesis #prosthetics #botched #scarred #medicalmalpracticesurvivor #vascularocclusion #deformedface #deformity #scarredforlife #botchedfiller #botchedfillers #radiesse #radiessefiller #medicalmalpractice #medicalmalpracticestory #trauma #traumatic #depressionanxiety #survivor

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