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Woman’s Expensive Lip Lift Falls Short as Critics Question Results: Look 33 but cruel trolls think I’m fooling myself

In an effort to combat the signs of aging, TikTok user The Rv Chickadee embarked on a desperate journey to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. The 50-year-old woman firmly believed that plastic surgery should not be stigmatized and thus decided to undergo a facelift in sunny Tijuana, Mexico, spending a substantial sum of £12k. Although the price seemed like a bargain compared to the cost in the US, The Rv Chickadee was convinced that the results would be astounding.

Since the procedure, she has openly documented her transformation on TikTok, sharing intimate footage of her face. After months of healing, the woman proudly showcased her almost scar-free eyelids, mouth, and the areas where a lip lift had been performed. Despite experiencing some slight redness, she confidently proclaimed that she looked “freaking fabulous.”

Delighted with the outcome, The Rv Chickadee, who resides in a van, claimed that the surgery had shaved off several decades from her appearance. Captioning her video as “Here’s my version 2.0. Living my best life out here!!” she exuded enthusiasm and satisfaction.

However, social media users expressed differing opinions regarding the age-defying effects of the face lift. While some praised her natural and impressive transformation, many believed that the pricey procedure had not delivered the desired outcome. Dismissing her claim of appearing 33 years old, critics contended that she merely appeared to be in her early 40s.

Amidst the varied reactions, there were also viewers captivated by the before-and-after snapshots, describing the results as natural and remarkable. Nonetheless, the backlash online prompted The Rv Chickadee to respond to her detractors, expressing her disappointment in those who attempted to belittle her journey. Wondering why some resorted to spreading negativity, she urged for understanding and acceptance.

This story highlights the polarizing nature of cosmetic procedures and the diverse perceptions surrounding them. While some individuals find success in their pursuit of a more youthful appearance, others question the efficacy and value of such interventions.


Here’s my version 2.0. Living my best life out here!! If you want it, GO for it. NO SHAME! 😘💕 #facelift #necklift #blepharoplasty #liplift

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Rhiannon Ingle
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