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A woman who gave birth in a car on the side of the road says her baby was out in four pushes

In a remarkable turn of events, fitness coach Jade Mead from Perth, Australia, found herself giving birth on the side of a freeway as her labor progressed faster than anticipated.

Racing to reach the birth center with her husband, they realized they wouldn’t make it in time and had to pull over. Amidst the chaos, Jade’s husband provided constant reassurance and support, taking charge of the situation.

In just four pushes, their daughter Lottie made her entrance into the world. While waiting for paramedics to arrive, Jade’s husband played an instrumental role, even catching Lottie as she was born, told The Sun.

Although passing cars may not have realized the extraordinary events unfolding in the dark and industrial surroundings, the couple was grateful for their daughter’s safe arrival.

The paramedics arrived in time to assist with the final stages of the birth. Ten hours later, Jade, her husband, and baby Lottie were back home, where they joyfully introduced their newest addition to her big sister, Marli.

The heartwarming encounter between siblings left Jade deeply touched as Marli expressed her admiration for the baby and affectionately complimented her mother’s appearance.

Over the past three weeks, Marli has proven to be an exceptional big sister, eagerly lending a helping hand and showering her little sister with love and cuddles. The family now cherishes the unique story of Lottie’s birth, a testament to their resilience and the unbreakable bond between siblings.


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