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She Thought She Heard Another Woman While Facetiming Her Boyfriend. So She Tried To Smother Their Baby, Cops Say

Authorities have apprehended a Florida woman after she allegedly placed a pillow over her baby’s face out of suspicion that the child’s father was involved with another woman.

Ashley Diaz, 29, is facing a charge of third-degree attempted murder in relation to the incident involving her boyfriend and their one-year-old daughter, as reported by WPLG.

On February 7, the boyfriend presented police with a video purportedly documenting a FaceTime call he had with Diaz, according to an arrest report from the Homestead Police obtained by the station. The report states that the boyfriend claimed Diaz became suspicious upon hearing a woman’s voice in the background during the call.

During the conversation, Diaz allegedly forced the boyfriend to show her different areas of the property where he was working to ensure there were no women present. The report further states that Diaz was screaming at him, threatening to kill their daughter if he failed to comply.

Police stated that the video allegedly showed Diaz pushing, kicking, and placing a large black pillow over the infant’s face. The footage indicated that Diaz exerted enough pressure on the pillow for her fingers to lose blood flow and turn white. According to authorities, the child’s movements in the video suggested she was struggling to breathe, as she flailed her arms and legs.

Diaz reportedly told investigators that her boyfriend, the baby’s father, constantly degraded her. She claimed she would never harm their daughter and that her threats of killing the child were made solely to upset the man, as stated in the arrest report.

Police mentioned that Diaz asserted she and her boyfriend “always play that way.” Fortunately, the child did not appear to sustain any injuries during the incident, according to law enforcement. Diaz has been booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bond, as reported by WPLG.

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