Woman Went With Her Boyfriend to Visit His Mother. Then, She Stabbed Him to Death

A Louisiana woman has been convicted for the 2020 fatal stabbing of her boyfriend, followed by her failure to report his death to authorities for over eight hours.

The incident occurred on September 3, 2020, when Kimberly Johnson, 43, and her boyfriend Lemel Taylor, also 43, returned home to Shreveport after visiting Taylor’s mother.

The following morning, Johnson dialed 911, informing them that Taylor was unresponsive. Upon arrival, first responders discovered Taylor dead from stab wounds on the living room sofa. Medical personnel determined that rigor mortis had set in, indicating that Taylor had been deceased for over eight hours by the time the emergency call was made.

Investigators found no signs of forced entry at the residence. Initially, Johnson claimed ignorance about the events leading to Taylor’s death. However, she later confessed to stabbing him after alleging that he had threatened her. Johnson had a self-inflicted cut on one hand but no other injuries told Ksla.

Contradicting Johnson’s account, evidence discovered at the scene did not support her claim of a struggle. Eventually, she admitted to disposing of the murder weapon in a sewer drain. Johnson cooperated with the police, leading them to the drain where the knife was recovered.

On June 13, Johnson was found guilty in connection with Taylor’s death. She is scheduled to appear in court on July 6 for sentencing and could face a mandatory life prison sentence without the possibility of probation, parole, or sentence reduction. Additionally, she may face up to 40 years of hard labor for the obstruction charge.

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