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The woman was petrified as the itchy rash parasite was living inside her leg and laying eggs’

A woman from Colombia was left utterly horrified when she discovered a parasite growing in her leg and laying eggs at night. Marystella Gomez, 27, initially noticed small pimples on her leg after a trip to the beach. Assuming it was nothing serious, she disregarded them. However, the spots soon developed into a rash that progressively worsened.

Seeking medical help, Marystella visited a doctor who suggested it might be an allergic reaction or a fungal infection. Little did she know that the reality was much more distressing. She began experiencing intense itching on her leg, particularly at night, without understanding the cause. A visit to the emergency room led to a misdiagnosis of fungus or allergy, resulting in ineffective medication and a further deterioration of her condition.

Days later, during an appointment with a dermatologist, the shocking truth was revealed—Marystella had a parasite. It was identified as a hookworm infection, which caused a skin condition called cutaneous larva migrans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hookworm larvae can penetrate human skin and reside there for several weeks.

Marystella believes the parasite entered her body while she was at the beach, where dogs and cats often leave their feces unattended. The larvae attach to the skin through direct contact, leading to infection. Thankfully, the dermatologist provided her with the necessary medication to eliminate the parasite, ultimately saving her from further harm, reported Daily Mail.

Hookworms typically spread through animal feces, with the larvae burrowing into the skin upon contact. This can result in a distinct rash resembling the shape of worms. In rare cases, hookworms can infect the intestines, causing symptoms such as stomach pain, diarrhea, and discomfort.

Marystella shared her ordeal on TikTok, prompting horrified reactions from social media users who left numerous comments expressing their shock and concern. Many shared similar experiences or expressed newfound fears of beach-related infections. Despite the distressing incident, Marystella’s followers expressed relief that she recovered from the ordeal and thanked her for raising awareness about the dangers lurking in sandy areas.

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