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Woman Warns of Flip-Flop Dangers as Adder Bite Leaves Her in ‘Excruciating Pain’ During Hospital Recovery

A woman’s terrifying encounter with an adder while walking her dogs has prompted her to caution others about the dangers of wearing flip-flops in rural areas.

Tracey Evans, a resident of Gosport, remains hospitalized after being bitten on the big toe by the UK’s sole venomous snake in Alver Valley Country Park on a sunny Sunday morning.

The 53-year-old immediately experienced “excruciating pain” and soon realized she had been bitten by the adder, thanks to her friend’s quick observation.

Rushing to the local medical center, Tracey’s primary concern was not missing her daughter’s upcoming birthday party. After consultation with a toxicologist, she was transferred to the emergency department at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, where she received anti-venom treatment. told DailyMail.

Tracey’s foot and leg swelling is still being monitored, but the pain has subsided, leaving her with persistent itchiness. Reflecting on her ordeal, she emphasized the importance of avoiding flip-flops in snake-prone areas, acknowledging that many people are unaware of the presence of snakes in the UK.

Tracey plans to be more cautious in the future, opting for paths with higher foot traffic. While adder bites are rare and typically occur when the snake feels threatened, she believes she must have inadvertently stepped on it. As Tracey awaits her discharge, she eagerly anticipates seeing her daughter’s new car and resuming normal activities with her family.

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