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Woman’s ‘genius’ revenge hack for people reclining seats all the way on airplanes leaves netizens divided

A young woman has shared her frosty reaction to fellow passengers who recline their seats while traveling, sparking a big discussion over plane etiquette. The ‘evil’ frequent flier stated to Nova radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa that ‘inconsiderate’ passengers in the row in front of her are dealt with immediately if they chose to recline ‘all the way back.’

‘You know the air-con vents on the top that you can swivel about, so I swivel it right on their face and turn it on full blast,’ she claimed to applause from the radio hosts. ‘That’s a belter, and they can’t complain,’ exclaimed an ecstatic Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, while Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli said she had ‘outdone herself.’

However, it appears that her disdain for those who prefer to recline their chairs did not go unnoticed. A huge debate arose among radio show listeners, with individuals divided evenly between two camps: those who feel reclining violates the unwritten rules of the sky, and those who defend their right to utilize all of the features they paid for.

‘Is it impolite to recline the airline seat that I paid for?’ This is new to me,’ said one woman, a schoolteacher. ‘There is no way I’m going to spend my entire flight upright,’ another woman added. ‘How can reclining one’s seat be considered impolite? When you buy a seat, you get all of its features,’ stated another.

Some went on to say they would appreciate the extra air conditioning. ‘I paid for my seat, I’ll recline my chair (so much more comfortable), and I’d really love for you to share part of that air conditioning with me, friend,’ one man remarked. ‘Plane air conditioning stinks. ‘I’d gladly accept a second one,’ remarked another woman.

‘Who does not recline their seat all the way back when flying?’ I do it as soon as I take off because I know I’ll be comfortable with the air conditioning,’ said another woman. Another man stated that if people want more room on a flight, they should pay for a better ticket and that if they can’t, they shouldn’t have an opinion about it. However, some people are so opposed to recliners that they think airlines should permanently remove them from seats, with one woman claiming she recently had a guy ‘in her space for 14 hours.’

‘I had the rudest people in front of my partner and me on an international flight where it was dinner time and the guy in front was asked to move his chair forward so my partner could eat to which his response was “Nah I don’t give an F, the guy behind me can eat off his knees for all I care,” showing that not everyone follows the meal rule.’



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