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Woman Makes Huge Mistake After Officer Signals For Her To Pull Over

Nobody ever desires to experience a police stop; the situation can be quite uncomfortable. DelRea Good found herself driving solo along a dimly lit road when she noticed a police car behind her, its lights flashing.

Naturally, Good felt apprehensive about pulling over in an isolated area. As a precaution, she reduced her speed, turned on her hazard lights, and continued driving.

Upon reaching a well-lit parking lot, she finally came to a stop. However, Patrolman William Marshall, the officer in question, was displeased and proceeded to handcuff her.

Marshall pressed charges of resisting arrest against her due to their ensuing disagreement. Nevertheless, Good had valid reasons for her actions.

I’m in agreement with Good’s perspective on this matter. During nighttime, anyone can activate flashing lights from behind, making it difficult to determine if the vehicle tailing you is a legitimate police car.

Prioritizing safety over assumptions is prudent, and law enforcement should empathize with the concerns of a woman driving alone at night.



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