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Woman indicted for attempting to poison her husband by spiking his tea with toxic drain cleaner

According to officials, a dermatologist in California has been charged with felony poisoning for allegedly poisoning her spouse by putting Drano in his tea. At a hearing on Wednesday, Dr. Yue ‘Emily’ Yu, 45, was charged with three charges of poisoning and one felony case of domestic assault with corporal harm.

If found guilty, the mother of two may spend more than eight years in jail. In order to look into the strange flavor of his tea, Yu’s radiologist husband Jack Chen put up a nanny cam in the kitchen of their $2.7 million house last year.

He saw Yu pour a mystery substance into his morning tea, which he reported to the authorities, who assisted him in identifying it as the poisonous drain cleaner. Chen lived through the ordeal, but the New York Post reports that she was left with ulcers. After being married for ten years, he just filed for divorce.

In a statement, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer claimed that Yu purposefully undermined her husband’s feeling of security by tormenting him with poison without his knowledge.

According to the DailyMail, he stated that our houses should be where we feel the safest. Nevertheless, a qualified medical expert took advantage of her husband’s regular routines to torture him by routinely dousing his tea with a drug-like substance with the intent to inflict agony and suffering.

The father of the couple’s children had custody, according to an attorney for Chen named Steve Hittleman, who told the Post that he was happy to learn of the charge.

Assuring that there is a possibility for a justice to be carried out, he added. “This is the next move in ending this awful course of events,” she said. The tragedy of this situation is multifaceted.

Chen said his wife had assaulted him and his children for years after her arrest in August, with the dermatologist allegedly telling the kids to “go die” at one point, according to court filings.

Chen noted in a court document as he requested a restraining order against his wife, “Emily will frequently use a Chinese expression that translates to “go die” when she gets angry and shouts at the kids.”

“Your mind has a problem,” “Your head is sick,” “go fk yourself,” “f*ing fool,” “stupid a hole,” and “Get the fk out of my way” are some things she tells the kids, according to Chen.

Upon her arrest, Yu was freed on a $30,000 bail, and Chen requested a restraining order against her. The horrible crime has no known motivation.

Yu’s work headshot has been taken down from the website of her workplace, the Mission Viejo-based Providence Hospital organization.

According to a spokeswoman, they were working with the police. Yu and Chen, according to Chen, wed on July 4, 2012, a year after they first met.

Once their son and daughter, who are now seven and eight years old, were born in 2013 and 2014, according to Chen, his wife’s conduct altered.

He further said that Yuqin ‘Amy’ Gu, Yu’s mother, also physically and verbally mistreated their kids.

According to Chen, “Emily and Amy began physically abusing [our son and daughter] at the age of two and escalated as they got older.”

“They are abusing me verbally and physically,” I said. He predicted that the ladies would refer to the kids as “f***ing dumb.”

Yu allegedly beat Chen’s kid when she was three years old for wetting the bed. When her kid was two, Yu is also accused of hitting him in the head and arms.

Even after 11:00 p.m., he claimed, “she would wake the kids up when they fell asleep without permission, insist that [they] go to her room, close the door, and make them scream.”

“Towards the conclusion, she occasionally would instruct the children to go before slamming the door behind them, making them sob outside the door.”

Yu allegedly used to call the kids “f***ing dumb” when they played piano after school, making them cry.

According to court records, Yu allegedly made three different attempts to murder Chen by pouring liquid drain cleaner Drano into his lemonade.

The arraignment for Yu is set for April 18. According to Scott Simmons, her lawyer, she will enter a not-guilty plea.

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