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The woman found her dog covered in odd marks, but when the vet told her what they are she was horrified and immediately screamed for help!

Unbelievably, all dog breeds, even those as diverse as the chihuahua and basset hound, share ancestry with wolves. However, humans have significantly altered their genetic makeup over time, resulting in the wide array of breeds we see today.

For those of us who adore dogs, the story of Hayden and her canine companion, Jackson, strikes a chord. On arriving home one day, Hayden was taken aback by unusual marks on Jackson’s body.

A closer inspection prompted her to swiftly seek veterinary care. But what she learned about these marks left her utterly shocked and calling for assistance.

Initially mistaking the marks for insect bites, Hayden soon realized the situation was more dire. Rather than raised bumps, she found that Jackson had actual holes in his skin, numerous and deeply troubling. With great concern, she brought Jackson to a veterinarian, bracing herself for the unexpected revelation that awaited.

The shocking truth emerged: the marks were not from bug bites, but something far more distressing. Jackson was suffering from actual gunshot wounds, a revelation that left Hayden stunned.

The veterinary process was both harrowing and revealing. As Jackson was carefully examined and his fur shaved to access the wounds, an astounding 20 pellets and 7 BBs were extracted from his body.

Additionally, veterinarians estimated that around 20 more pellets and BBs remained lodged within him, unreachable. The grim reality took an even darker turn. Calculations suggested that another 20 projectiles had struck Jackson and bounced off. This horrifically implied that Jackson had been shot over 60 times.

Hayden recounted her shock at the discovery, stating, “I was in shock, I didn’t even know what to think.” The police shared her sentiment upon witnessing the brutality inflicted upon the innocent animal.

Responding to the incident, law enforcement found BBs embedded in a tree and traced the trajectory of the fire, leading them to secure a search warrant for the neighboring house of a 44-year-old individual named Tim.

Upon investigation, the authorities uncovered not only a BB gun and pellets but also methamphetamine and drug-related paraphernalia at Tim’s residence.

Tim was arrested on drug-related charges while awaiting test results to confirm the connection between the gun, pellets, and Jackson’s injuries. The hope was to build a case of animal cruelty against Tim. Meanwhile, Jackson’s prognosis was relatively optimistic, with an anticipated full recovery in his future.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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