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26-Year-Old Charged with Pouring Scalding Water on Autistic Roommate, Setting Her Ablaze Twice in Disturbing Incident

In a disturbing incident, 26-year-old Kamron Kearney of Texas is facing serious charges for allegedly pouring scalding hot water on his roommate, who has autism, and setting her on fire twice on the same day.

Reports from KENS5, WPDE, and KSAT shed light on this shocking case. Kearney’s alleged anger was triggered when his roommate urinated on herself while in the bath, according to accounts from KENS5, WPDE, and KSAT.

He initially poured scalding hot water on her from over the shower stall before subjecting her to further brutal abuse in their San Antonio, Texas home. This information is cited from an arrest affidavit.

Additionally, Kearney is accused of drenching the 36-year-old woman in rubbing alcohol before setting her on fire, as reported by KENS5. When the victim fell to the floor, the flames were extinguished, but Kearney allegedly forced her to stand in a corner until her legs swelled.

He then set her on fire a second time, using more rubbing alcohol, according to KSAT, based on the affidavit. The incident occurred on October 25 while a caregiver was bathing the woman, resulting in severe burns to her arms and legs, as reported by KENS5.

The caregiver’s identity has not been disclosed. Kearney was apprehended two days after the incident, according to KSAT and KENS5. Bexar County court records reveal that Kearney is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and injury to a disabled person.

He is currently detained at Bexar County Jail, with a bond of $150,000 for the aggravated assault charge and $100,000 for the charge of injuring a disabled person. Kearney’s criminal history dates back to 2017, as indicated in court records. He is scheduled for a court appearance on December 12.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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