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Woman Fatally Shot By Obsessive Ex-Boyfriend. 3 Days Later, The Ex Killed Himself Near Her Memorial

According to authorities, a tragic incident unfolded as a Texas woman was fatally shot, and the suspected perpetrator later took his own life at the crime scene.

On June 26, Lesley Reyes, a 19-year-old, fell victim to an “ambush attack” perpetrated by her ex-boyfriend, Juan Carlos Mata, aged 20, as reported by KHOU. Mata had been waiting for Reyes outside her residence and shot her twice upon her return from work.

Upon hearing the gunshots, Reyes’ parents rushed outside and discovered her lifeless body in the parking lot. After being spotted at the shooting location on Monday, Mata was identified as the primary suspect in Reyes’ murder. However, when officers arrived at the scene, they prioritized attending to the victim, and Mata managed to walk away before they could apprehend him, as per Pasadena Police Sgt. Raul Granados.

On June 29, police received a report of a suspicious individual, later confirmed to be Mata, near the apartment building where Reyes had resided with her parents, as detailed by KHOU. Mata was observed in close proximity to a memorial set up in honor of Reyes. As law enforcement arrived, Mata retreated behind a vehicle, produced a shotgun, and took his own life.

Reyes’ sister, Lourdes Martinez, shared that Mata and Reyes had been in a relationship for approximately a year but had ended their association about a month ago, according to KHOU. Family members revealed that Mata had exhibited an unhealthy level of obsession with Reyes, and their relationship had been characterized by abuse and toxicity. The devastating events surrounding the fatal shooting and subsequent suicide have left the community in mourning.

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