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Woman Escorted out of Coldplay Concert While Dancing to Mother-in-Law’s Funeral Song

Andrea Nelson found herself at the center of controversy after being ejected from a Coldplay concert for dancing to the very song that played at her mother-in-law’s funeral. The incident occurred at the Etihad Stadium, where Andrea’s heartfelt tribute was abruptly interrupted by security personnel, resulting in her premature exit from the concert.

The song in question was “Yellow” from Coldplay’s renowned 2000 album, Parachutes. Known for its poignant lyrics, including lines like “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you” and “Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones, turn into something beautiful, and you know, you know I love you so,” the song holds significant emotional value for many, making it a popular choice for commemorating loved ones.

Despite Andrea’s explanation that she was dancing in honor of her late mother-in-law, Etihad staff responded by summoning additional security personnel, ultimately involving a total of ten individuals to escort her out of the venue. Andrea recalls being singled out by security as soon as she stood up to dance, while others nearby were left undisturbed.

The reason given for her removal was the fear that she might fall over the barrier. However, Andrea argues that she is only five feet tall and the barrier reached no higher than her chest. She expressed her frustration, noting that she was unaware of the restricted seating and would not have paid full price for her ticket had she known. She questioned the logic of attending a concert where standing was not allowed, emphasizing her disappointment and the impact it had on her and her family’s experience.

Andrea described the staff’s handling of the situation as “atrocious,” feeling like a “criminal” and facing the threat of forceful removal if she didn’t comply. She pointed out the lack of action taken against others who were also standing nearby, suggesting a discrepancy in treatment.

Reflecting on the incident, Andrea acknowledged her role in the situation but emphasized the need for sensitivity and consideration from event organizers. The concert held great significance for her and her family, and she felt devastated that such an unfortunate incident marred what was supposed to be a memorable and meaningful experience.

Andrea’s case raises questions about ticket sales for restricted seating and the need for clearer communication regarding concert regulations.


Please help me find this lady so she can have this video, taken moments before she was sadly kicked out #coldplay #etihadstadium #coldplaymanchester2023

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