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Woman Drags Husband With Speeding Car After He Asked For a Divorce

“Man, she just lost it, I guess,” reflected Erik Jones on his harrowing experience two weeks ago.

“I don’t have any words, man. I’ll probably need plastic surgery,” he said, recounting the chaotic incident that unfolded after he requested a divorce from his wife, Crashawn Williams, following 18 months of marriage.

A 911 call made by a concerned passerby captured the terrifying sequence of events:

“There’s a young man with his hand trapped in a car window, and he’s being dragged for what seems like half a mile. He just fell off the car. His feet are bleeding profusely.”

“The man and the woman were engaged in a dispute regarding their relationship, apparently,” explained Cleveland Heights Police Chief Chris Britton. “A group of ATV riders and motorcyclists tried to intervene and slow down the car.”

The bikers managed to decelerate the vehicle sufficiently for Erik Jones to shatter the window with his elbow, freeing himself at the intersection of Noble and Quilliams after the car had left his Montford residence.

“It all happened so fast, like a blur, man,” Jones recollected, still shaken by the experience. “It was absolutely insane.”

While seeking refuge in a kind stranger’s vehicle, Jones recounted the traumatic incident to the emergency dispatcher: “My wife snatched my phone and took off in a car from our house. I tried to grab it, but she rolled up the windows and dragged me along.”

“You want a divorce, and this is how you want to end it? Is this how you want it to end?” Jones questioned, grappling with the events. “At this point, it is what it is.”

Crashawn Williams now faces charges of felonious assault and domestic violence in connection with the incident.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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