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Woman dies after tummy tuck operation in Colombia after ‘expelling large quantities of blood’

A tragic incident occurred as a 41-year-old Canadian woman underwent a tummy tuck surgery in Colombia, leading to her untimely demise due to the expulsion of a significant amount of blood.

Luz Deicy Vélez Estrada traveled from her home in Montreal, Canada, to undergo the procedure along with skin tightening surgery in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, on March 8. However, later that night, she fell severely ill and tragically passed away at a local hospital.

Her husband, Félix Alejandro Aguirre, revealed that after living in Canada for 15 years, Luz traveled to Colombia to undergo an operation with an individual she found online, referred to as “The Doll Maker,” who was renowned surgeon Yina Calderón.

Estrada paid approximately $6,770 (28 million Colombian pesos) for the combined surgeries, which unfortunately resulted in her untimely death, reported Daily Mail.

Aguirre recounted how his wife was taken out in a wheelchair shortly after the operation, unable to speak due to the intense pain she experienced. Her parents then took her back to their home and helped her settle into bed.

However, a few minutes later, she urgently needed to use the restroom and became critically unwell. According to Aguirre, Luz started expelling a significant amount of blood, eventually losing consciousness in the bathroom.

Promptly, her parents rushed her to the hospital, where she was revived in the emergency room. Unfortunately, a short while later, the doctor emerged with the devastating news of her passing.

Adding to the family’s distress, Aguirre claimed that the Colombian authorities have yet to repatriate his wife’s body for burial, despite more than three months have passed since her untimely demise on March 8.

Expressing his anguish, Aguirre stated, “I simply want to know the truth about what transpired that day. It has been over three months, and I still cannot bring my wife home. What explanation do I provide to my children and relatives?”

Félix has appealed to the Canadian embassy in Bogotá and the Colombian embassy in Ottawa, seeking their assistance in promptly repatriating his wife’s body to Montreal.



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