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Woman dies after getting trapped in hot vehicle with 2 children

A family is in mourning following the tragic death of a woman who was paralyzed from the waist down after she became trapped in her car when it ran out of gas.

Megan Oxley, along with her niece and nephew, was traveling on Highway 412 from Kennett, Missouri when her vehicle came to a halt due to running out of gas, as reported by KAIT.

Megan’s sister, Amber Jones, grew concerned when she hadn’t heard from her by Saturday morning. Worried for her well-being, the family eventually contacted the police to assist.

Amber Jones shared her worry, stating, “I assumed that perhaps she had stayed with someone or someone had come to pick her up, but no one could reach her. The next morning, we were extremely anxious, so we alerted the authorities and got them involved.”

The Dunklin County Sheriff’s Department joined the search and successfully pinpointed Megan’s location. Tragically, it was discovered that her car had run out of gas, and her paralysis prevented her from seeking help. The two young children accompanying her were also unable to provide assistance due to their tender ages.

The vehicle remained stranded as temperatures climbed above 100 degrees. Regrettably, the authorities arrived too late, and Megan Oxley passed away while seated in the driver’s position before any help could reach her.

Amber Jones still finds it difficult to come to terms with her sister’s passing. She recalled Megan’s vibrant spirit, saying, “She was happy when I last saw her, smiling and conversing with me. She had so much life within her.”

Although the loss of her sister weighs heavily, Amber Jones is grateful that her child was spared. Expressing her relief, she shared, “I am immensely thankful. I’m so glad she’s alive. I was terrified, truly terrified.”

Fortunately, both children survived the ordeal and were transported to a medical facility for treatment. The family expressed gratitude for the assistance they received during the search for their sister.

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