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Woman defends relationship after some said her partner had a “passion for disabilities”

Love is love in 2023, and as long as no one is harmed or breaking the law, we all need to learn to keep out of each other’s relationships.

Alex Dacy, a digital artist from Michigan in the US, regrettably still finds herself having to defend her relationship from trolls since she uses a wheelchair while her partner Noah does not.

The pair first connected through Bumble fell in love and later had a child as a couple. Alex describes herself online as “not your normal handicapped parent, I’M A COOL MOM.”

Alex suffers from an uncommon condition called spinal muscular atrophy type 2, which makes him weak and immobile.

She travels in a wheelchair, but because of her health challenges, some have said that Noah has a “fetish” for people with disabilities, according to the BBC.

Alex revealed their connection to Love Don’t Judge, stating: “There is the idea that handicapped people aren’t sexually attractive.”

Although Noah acknowledged that his family first “felt uneasy” about him dating an individual with a disability and that they were “extremely judgmental,” they gradually came to understand his love for Alex.

However, some internet people criticized Alex when she started posting updates on her pregnancy journey for her followers, saying that the pregnancy “should be illegal” or that it was “simply for views” online.

She has also faced criticism that she won’t be able to care for the child adequately, but both she and Noah are adamant that trolls won’t mar their happiness.

We have the means and affection in our hearts to be able to raise a child since we’re such kind, loving, and caring people, Alex added. “We have a lot of confidence in that.”

In an effort to “remove the taboo” surrounding relationships involving individuals with disabilities, Alex has continued to publish updates with her followers after the couple had their new baby earlier this month.

After all, we went through together, she said in a caption for a photo of her and her newborn baby. Despite what the ableists who despise me claim, I won’t be able to care for or hold her.

“During the difficult beginning of her NICU stay, when I was made to feel as though I couldn’t effectively hold or feed her…

We are present throughout it all.

Seeing Noah “grow confidence caring” for their baby has been “really great,” Alex has added, adding: “It’s lovely how he treats her with such consideration. like how he became enthusiastic about his better swaddling techniques.”

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