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Woman branded an ‘alien’ after undergoing 70 HOURS of body modifications

Daoine Morte, a 30-year-old body piercer from Phoenix, Arizona, has opened up about her journey of undergoing 70 hours of tortuous body modifications. Despite her personal experiences, she strongly advises against following in her footsteps, emphasizing the importance of personal choice and individual happiness.

Daoine’s fascination with piercings and tattoos began at a young age. At just 13 years old, she got her first piercing—a snake bite piercing—and received her initial tattoo at 17. Over the years, her love for body modifications led her to spend a significant amount of money and countless hours under the needle. Daoine now boasts an extensive list of modifications, including snakebites, a modified septum, stretched nostrils, philtrum, multiple nipple piercings, four-inch earlobes, various ear piercings, and numerous tattoos covering her body.

Growing up in a conservative and religious Mexican family, Daoine always found ways to rebel against societal norms. From experimenting with dark-colored clothing to sneaking out of the house, she constantly challenged her parents’ rules. Insecure and shy as a child, Daoine sought solace in artistic outlets, such as drawing and playing guitar. It was through body modifications that she found a means of self-expression beyond fashion and makeup, according to the Mirror.

Despite encountering a mixed bag of reactions, with some expressing curiosity and admiration while others resort to judgment and criticism, Daoine remains steadfast in her choices. Negative encounters, such as a woman expressing disgust and disapproval, have failed to deter her from embracing her unique appearance. Daoine acknowledges that her family has concerns, particularly regarding facial tattoos, but she believes that those who truly love her will accept her as she is.

Over time, Daoine’s family has grown more accepting of her tattoos and piercings, and her friends appreciate her fearlessness in being true to herself. As a specialist in the industry, she encourages individuals to seek professional guidance, carefully consider their desires, and prioritize personal happiness. Daoine believes that our bodies are canvases to be adorned and that as long as our choices do not harm others, we should live authentically and embrace the way we want to look.

Despite the temporary pain that accompanies body modifications, Daoine emphasizes the long-term happiness and self-expression they bring. She hopes that her story will inspire others to explore new avenues of self-discovery and encourage them to be their true selves, disregarding societal judgment. Daoine’s journey serves as a reminder that life is short, and our bodies are opportunities for artistic expression, allowing us to embrace our individuality.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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