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Wisconsin Bar Brawl Between Bartender And Patrons Ends With Shots Fired, Two Women Arrested

Authorities in Janesville, Wisconsin reported a violent incident at a bar that resulted in a shooting and the subsequent arrest of two women.

According to police, on February 8 at approximately 11 p.m., Jamie Payton, 39, and Olivia Abarca, 34, engaged in an argument with a bartender, which quickly escalated.

As the dispute between the women and the bartender turned physical, bar staff intervened and escorted Payton and Abarca out of the establishment.

Meanwhile, an off-duty police officer passing by the scene heard gunshots emanating from the parking lot and witnessed the two women fleeing into a nearby apartment.

Law enforcement recovered multiple shell casings from the exterior of the bar. Following a search of the apartment where Payton and Abarca sought refuge, detectives allegedly discovered a firearm, along with THC and drug paraphernalia accessible to two children. Subsequently, both Payton and Abarca were apprehended by the authorities.

Abarca faces charges of disorderly conduct, battery, and bail jumping. She has been charged and subsequently released.

On the other hand, Payton is facing charges that include disorderly conduct while armed, battery, first-degree recklessly endangering safety, child neglect, and intoxicated use of a firearm. She is currently held at the Rock County Jail, according to officials.

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