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‘View:’ Whoopi Goldberg Makes Profane Slip Of Tongue On Air

The incident occurred when Whoopi was supposed to announce the results of a travel poll. Instead of the intended word, she unintentionally used a word that left the audience and her fellow co-hosts in stunned silence. Whoopi took a moment to gather herself and then jokingly blamed the show’s executive producer for the slip-up.

The View Discusses Travel, Leading to an Awkward Moment During a segment on Monday morning, The View co-hosts delved into the topic of travel. In their Hot Topics discussion, Whoopi Goldberg was meant to read the results of a poll related to European travel. This conversation followed a previous Hot Topics segment in April, during which co-host Joy Behar shared her own experiences with European vacations.

During that episode, Joy recounted an encounter with an Italian woman while traveling abroad. She described meeting nice people “here and there.” However, when Joy needed to use the restroom on a train, one woman refused to let her in, leading Joy to refer to her as the “b-word.” Joy attempted to access the restroom in the first-class lounge, but the unnamed woman remained unyielding. Joy shared that she pleaded with the woman to no avail, saying, “Listen, don’t be a b***h.” The incident and the word used resurfaced during Whoopi’s slip of the tongue.

Whoopi Goldberg Accidentally Uses Profanity On Air During The View Segment During the Hot Topics segment, Whoopi read from a card containing travel poll results. She said, “A poll of 2,000 adults in the U.K. found that when people travel, cuisine is more important to them than landmarks or b****es.”

Realizing her mistake, Whoopi paused, corrected herself, and clarified that she was supposed to say “beaches.” Co-hosts Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, and Alyssa Farah Griffin burst into laughter, joined by the surprised audience after a moment.

Whoopi amusingly absorbed the laughter and cheers from the audience before turning to the show’s executive producer, who was seated just off-camera. She jokingly apologized, saying, “I’m sorry. It says beaches. This is y’all’s fault.” Adding to the humor, she remarked, “I can’t even tell you why it’s their fault. We were talking about something else!”

The panel swiftly moved on, but not before co-host Ana quipped, “I will travel anywhere for a good b***h.” While it may not have been Whoopi’s intended statement, it certainly brought laughter to both viewers and the hosts.

Did you catch Whoopi Goldberg’s slip-up this morning? Share your most awkward slip of the tongue in a social situation in the comments. Tune in to ABC at 11 AM EST Monday through Friday to watch Whoopi and her co-hosts on The View.

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
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