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White South Carolina Woman Followed, Pointed Gun at Black Newspaper Delivery Driver Because She Believed Worker Was Staking Out Neighborhood and ‘Didn’t Belong There’

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A South Carolina woman has been arrested following allegations that she brandished a firearm at a Black newspaper delivery driver. Mary Holmes, who is white, is facing charges related to pointing and presenting a firearm during the incident that occurred last week.

Holmes told the police that she drew her weapon because she felt her life was in danger, as reported by the Post and Courier and Fox Carolina News.

The victim, a Black woman, was conducting newspaper deliveries in Spartanburg at approximately 2:30 a.m. on September 6, according to law enforcement sources.

Reports from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office indicate that the victim noticed Holmes watching her as she made her deliveries. When the driver was preparing to leave the area, Holmes approached her, offering assistance. The victim declined the offer, responding with a “no.”

Subsequently, the woman accused Holmes of trailing her and engaging with her once more. On this occasion, Holmes allegedly discharged her firearm and pointed it in the victim’s direction.

However, according to reports, the firearm’s magazine dropped, prompting the victim to quickly leave the scene.

Holmes’ partner also contacted 911 to report her actions, expressing concern about the delivery driver’s presence, which she believed did not belong there. Notably, a neighbor had recently experienced a break-in, as reported by the outlets.

Mary Holmes was released on a $5,000 bail and was instructed not to contact the victim.

In a related incident last month, a woman in Missouri was captured on camera verbally assaulting a Black postal worker. In a heated tirade, she yelled derogatory remarks at the employee, claiming inequality and using racist language.

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