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What Has Happened to Chris Christie For Attacking Trump

In the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump’s lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a commanding 40 points, with Trump’s support surpassing 50% of the primary vote.

While one might expect Trump’s rivals to launch attacks to diminish his support, many of them are surprisingly hesitant or unwilling to do so.

A deeper look into the situation reveals the reasoning behind this restraint.

Rivals who have taken a confrontational approach against Trump have witnessed a decline in their popularity among Republican voters.

Conversely, those who have gained momentum in primary polling have either refrained from mentioning Trump or have openly praised him.

A prime example of the consequences of critiquing the former president can be found in the case of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

According to an analysis by CNN on Sunday, August 27, Christie’s sharp criticism of Trump has resulted in him achieving unprecedented levels of unpopularity within his own party.

According to the most recent Quinnipiac University poll, Christie’s net favourability rating among Republicans stands at a staggering minus 44 points.

An astonishing 61% of Republican voters hold an unfavorable view of him.

Curiously, rather than improving his standing, Christie’s unpopularity has only increased as the presidential campaign has progressed.

This phenomenon highlights the delicate balance that his rivals must navigate in dealing with the Trump factor.

Criticizing Trump risks alienating a substantial portion of the Republican base while refraining from challenging him might mean missing an opportunity to gain support from those who view Trump favorably.

In such a dynamic and challenging landscape, Trump’s dominance and enduring popularity within the party becomes apparent.

His ability to maintain a strong hold over a significant majority of Republican voters has created a situation where his opponents are forced to tread carefully, strategizing their approaches to avoid the pitfalls that have befallen candidates like Chris Christie.

He has used his lead to dismiss the rest, even using it as an excuse to avoid the first GOP debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Wednesday, August 23.

“Do I sit there for an hour or two hours, whatever it’s going to be, and get harassed by people that shouldn’t even be running for president?” he said in his 46-minute interview with former Fox News journalist Turner Carlson.

“Should I be doing that at a network that isn’t particularly friendly to me?” he added, in reference to Fox News, the debate organizer.

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