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West London man set on fire in the park was ‘still alive’ when thugs stuffed him into the boot of the car

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In June 2022, the body of Subere Badade, a man from West London, was discovered by firefighters in Belvue Park, Northolt, during their response to a fire. Shockingly, evidence suggests that Subere was still alive when his attackers placed him in the trunk of a car after setting him on fire in the park.

Following an investigation into Subere’s tragic death, two men have been convicted of manslaughter. Samuel Stewart, 36, residing on Lilliput Avenue, Northolt, and David Pilgrim, 33, residing on Vanbrough Crescent, Northolt, was captured on CCTV filling a container with petrol in the early hours of June 13.

Detectives determined that Subere, aged 28, was assaulted by Stewart and Pilgrim at Stewart’s residence on Lilliput Avenue two days prior (June 11), before being taken to the park and set ablaze. It is believed that after purchasing petrol, the assailants undressed Subere and placed him, unconscious but alive, in the car’s trunk.

Stewart and Pilgrim drove to Belvue Park, carrying Subere approximately 150 meters into a wooded area where they set him on fire. Both men claimed that he was already deceased before the incident occurred, told My London.

Although there was no CCTV coverage within the park itself, investigators managed to piece together the events by retrieving the footage from the vicinity of the park, which captured one of the men leaving and returning to the car. They connected the vehicle to Pilgrim and later found it abandoned in a car park at Ashley Court.

CCTV footage also showed Stewart withdrawing money from an ATM after the incident, providing law enforcement with a clear image of his face.

Detectives established that on June 11, Stewart and Pilgrim, along with the victim, had been at Stewart’s residence. A witness reported witnessing an argument between Stewart and Subere over a mobile phone. Later that day, Stewart and Pilgrim left the address, but Subere was nowhere to be seen.

On the evening of June 12, Stewart and Pilgrim built and ignited a bonfire in the property’s garden. Subsequently, authorities recovered items consistent with burnt clothing.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of the investigating officers, Stewart was identified and apprehended at his residence on June 15. During his arrest, he made remarks to the officers implying involvement in additional crimes. Pilgrim was arrested on June 17. Both individuals were later charged.

Detective Inspector Marcus Jones, the lead investigator, expressed condolences to Subere’s family, who had to endure distressing details about the circumstances of his death. He further stated that the terror Subere must have experienced on that day is unimaginable, and thus, he was pleased to see justice served by the conviction of these dangerous individuals.

Following a trial at Isleworth Crown Court that concluded on Thursday, May 25, both Stewart and Pilgrim were found guilty of manslaughter. They are scheduled to be sentenced at the same court on Friday, September 28.

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