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Walmart Employee Reveals Store Policy: Receipt Checks Cannot Be Enforced, as Shown in Training

A Walmart employee has caused a stir on TikTok after sharing a video exposing the store’s training modules. The viral video, which has garnered 745,900 views at the time of writing, features a user named SCVM (@luhscvm) logging into his Walmart training site.

On one page, labeled “Customer Refuses a Receipt Check,” bold text emphasizes that employees should not enforce receipt checks on customers who decline and should instead express gratitude for their patronage.

SCVM’s caption confirms the revelation, stating, “Walmart fr can’t stop you for the receipt, it’s in our training.” This disclosure sparked a discussion among viewers, with some sharing clever tactics to bypass receipt checks. One user revealed, “I shove my receipt in the bottom of one of my bags. Then when they ask, I tell them it’s in there somewhere. They’re free to look for it. They never do.”

Another user simply asserts, “If you guys trusted me enough to use self-checkout, then you have to trust I scanned everything,” highlighting the trust placed in customers using that method.

Commenters also criticized the effectiveness of receipt checks, pointing out instances where Walmart employees failed to inspect the contents of customers’ bags.

One commenter shared their experience, saying, “I had someone look at my receipt but didn’t look at what was in my cart and just marked it with a pen.” Another speculated that some employees perform receipt checks merely to appear diligent on surveillance cameras, while others take the task too seriously.

Furthermore, a disgruntled shopper mentioned that they stopped shopping at Walmart due to an aggressive employee in charge of receipt checks at their store. According to their account, this particular employee would shout, chant, and block customers’ paths until they produced their receipts.

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