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Axel Flores Vives charged with assaulting pregnant girlfriend, threatening her and her father with a gun

In Minot, 32-year-old Axel Edgardo Flores Vives faces a litany of charges after a disturbing incident involving his pregnant girlfriend. Authorities accuse him of a series of violent actions, including strangulation, slapping, and pushing his partner, as well as forcibly confiscating her cellphone, smashing it, and breaking her glasses. Later, he escalated the situation by threatening both her and her father with a firearm, even making menacing threats against her father.

Flores Vives now finds himself in legal trouble as he is charged in Minot’s district court with several serious offenses. These include Class C felony terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, Class C felony domestic violence resulting in serious bodily harm, and Class A misdemeanor charges of menacing and criminal mischief.

During his initial court appearance in Minot, which took place on Thursday before Judge Gary Lee, a bond was set at $5,000 in cash or corporate surety due to the gravity of the charges. Additionally, Judge Lee ordered that Flores Vives must have no contact with the victim or her parents. A preliminary hearing for this case has been scheduled for November 5.

According to a probable cause affidavit submitted to the court, the incident began when the woman went to Flores Vives’ apartment to return some of his belongings left in her car. An argument ensued when Flores Vives became angry, taking her phone and refusing to return it. As the situation escalated, he grabbed her arm, and a physical altercation ensued, with him strangling her. She pleaded for him to stop, but he proceeded to damage her phone and glasses, ultimately instructing her to leave.

Following this disturbing encounter, the woman sought refuge at her parents’ home, driving there herself. Flores Vives followed her in his vehicle, parking in her parents’ driveway. She confronted him, urging him to leave. However, he entered her car, retrieving a Glock pistol he had left there.

Her father came out of the house with a shotgun, demanding that Flores Vives vacate the premises. Still holding the pistol, he restrained the woman in a headlock, issuing threats to her father, promising retaliation, and a future confrontation in the street. Fearing for his daughter’s safety, the woman’s father aimed his shotgun at Flores Vives’ head, compelling him to release her. Flores Vives then retreated to his vehicle and drove away.

In the aftermath, the woman and her father proceeded to the police department to report the assault. En route, they spotted Flores Vives’ car returning towards their residence. Concerned for her father’s safety, they turned back to warn him. On their way back, they encountered Flores Vives’ vehicle stopped in the middle of the road.

The woman halted her vehicle, and Flores Vives approached, signaling for her to lower her window. He uttered menacing words, implying that her father would face consequences for brandishing a weapon. As her mother returned to the house, Flores Vives followed them back to their residence, lingering in the driveway briefly before departing, prompting the woman to call the police.

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