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The Viral Dad Who Implemented “Gentle Parenting with Malicious Intent” for His Kids

The concept of gentle parenting has gained widespread attention lately. While many are familiar with the term, there’s a new twist introduced by a creative dad who came up with “gentle parenting with malicious intent” for his older children.

In a TikTok video that has now gone viral with over 4 million views, the dad, known as “Ginger Jack,” explains his unique approach. He sets the camera on himself as he addresses his kids about completing their chores without displaying a negative attitude. But here’s where the unexpected twist comes into play.

“New rule. Whenever one of you starts giving me attitude, I’m going to start hitting on Mom,” the dad states before turning to his partner. “Hey there, sugar. How are you doing, baby girl? How do you feel about another child? I could rub your ankles real good.” He proceeds to make an exaggerated attempt at a seductive cat noise.

Ginger Jack’s children react with audible groans of disgust in the background, clearly repulsed by their dad’s over-the-top advances toward their mom. His wife also seems a bit embarrassed by his antics, but that doesn’t deter him from adding more rules to prevent witnessing parental affection.

The idea of parents engaging in romantic gestures becomes a source of “eww” and “gross” for most children as they grow older. Parents are often seen as two adults who live in the same house, with their babies delivered by a stork with an exceptionally strong neck.

This method of gentle parenting with malicious intent turns out to be entertaining for everyone except his children, who can be heard protesting off-screen with every kissing noise. While the dad doesn’t actually kiss their mom, he playfully kisses the air, but the mere notion of parental affection triggers their “gross-o-meter.” People in the comments section thoroughly enjoy his shenanigans, with some confessing that they would also comply if the consequence involved parental affection.

“At that point, I’d deep clean the house, my soul, and this Godforsaken world,” one person humorously wrote, accompanied by three crying emojis. “As a 34-year-old, this would absolutely still work on me,” another person admitted, ending their comment with a sweating emoji.

One woman even jokingly requested, “Since I’m single, can you call and flirt with me to get mine to clean?” Comments like “Now we see why the Addams family is so well-behaved” highlight the playful nature of the dad’s approach.

Perhaps Gomez from the Addams Family was onto something with all his excessive hand-kissing. The secret to effective parenting may have been right in front of our eyes all along, and we simply didn’t realize it.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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