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A wild video shows an unruly passenger spitting on people while being dragged off a Southwest flight

A video that has gone viral on TikTok captures the disturbing scene of an allegedly intoxicated female passenger causing havoc on a Southwest Airlines flight. The footage, which has been viewed over 6.4 million times since its posting on Sunday, shows a woman dressed in a blue t-shirt lying in the middle of the aisle while another passenger in red confronts her.

In the 13-second clip shared by TikToker “itshaleynothailey,” the woman in red can be heard loudly admonishing the woman on the floor, warning her against spitting at people. Ignoring the warning, the passenger in blue responds with incoherent words before forcefully spitting at her critic. She then turns her attention to a nearby man, attempting to spit at him as well, but he skillfully blocks the assault with his elbow.

A flight attendant intervenes, pushing the unruly spitter from behind and covering her mouth with a piece of paper. The disruptive passenger is then forcefully escorted forward along the main aisle, disappearing from view.

The TikTok user who shared the video captioned it with a description of the ordeal, noting that the flight had to make an emergency landing to ensure everyone’s safety. The incident has left thousands of commenters on TikTok bewildered and dismayed by the woman’s behavior.

The exact location and date of the incident are not immediately known, and the reason behind the passenger’s outburst remains unclear. Southwest Airlines has not responded to requests for comment as of yet.

This disturbing incident follows another recent episode involving an unruly and allegedly intoxicated passenger on a Southwest flight from New Orleans. In that incident, captured in a viral TikTok video, a disruptive individual kicked the seat in front of her and refused to leave the aircraft willingly. The rowdy passenger, identified as Kamaryn Gibson, 25, was ultimately arrested at Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner, Louisiana, after allegedly biting and kicking a sheriff’s deputy on Memorial Day.


Flight with mental and intoxicated person. Had to emergency land to stay safe! How crazy!!! #southwestairlines

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Jake Massey
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