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The video shows an argument between a woman with a gun, Black family riding 4-wheelers

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Emotions exploded when what started out as a birthday party in Horn Lake turned into an argument between neighbors.

Amber Taylor’s family told FOX13 that they were riding 4-wheelers down Shadow Ridge Drive when a white woman came out of a home on the street and pointed a long gun at the Black family.

In a video of the event, the woman repeatedly denies pointing the gun at the family. “Why do you even have a gun for kids?” Taylor’s brother asked while recording.

“To shoot the tires out,” she replied over the rumble of ATV vehicles. Riding ATVs on city roads is illegal in Mississippi. Carrying a gun in public, even without a permit, is not.

The confrontation, captured on video, shows the woman standing at the edge of her lawn holding the gun which appears to be a rifle while she and Taylor’s brother argue. Eventually, the police showed up and she handed over the weapon to the authorities.

FOX13 Investigator Dakarai Turner went down to Horn Lake to get the story behind the video.

“Do you think this would have happened to your brother and sister if they were another skin color?” Turner asked Amber Taylor.

“I feel like it wouldn’t have happened,” Taylor said.

Taylor claims that the woman hurled racial slurs at the family before the incident was recorded.

“What did she call you?” Turner asked Taylor.

“She called us n. N. F you, n****,” Taylor said.

Turner then went to the home of the woman in the video. Nobody answered.

No arrests have been made in this case yet, though the family has filed an affidavit against the woman. A judge will determine if there’s enough probable cause to warrant charges and an arrest.

“That’s a real Karen,” Taylor said. “She’s a Karen.”

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