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Uncle shoots nephew to death, wounds niece during a fight over cooking dinner in Queens home: ‘In shock’

A heated family dispute over cooking dinner took a tragic turn when a relative pulled out a gun, fatally shooting his nephew and injuring his niece, according to police sources. The incident occurred around 9:15 p.m. on Saturday inside a residence on Pineville Lane near Grayson St. in St. Albans, Queens.

The uncle, following a confrontation that escalated from a verbal argument to a physical altercation, fired at least nine shots, hitting his 25-year-old nephew, Chevaughn Millings, eight times in the chest and legs. The gunman’s 20-year-old niece was also struck three times in the legs. Authorities recovered nine shell casings at the scene.

Both victims were rushed to Jamaica Hospital, but despite medical efforts, Chevaughn Millings succumbed to his injuries. His niece, however, remains in stable condition. Outside the crime scene, grieving relatives gathered, including the victim’s mother, who identified herself as Vern.

Overwhelmed with shock and confusion, she spoke fondly of her son, describing him as kind, helpful, and talented in drawing, singing, and songwriting. Chevaughn Millings, originally from Jamaica, was known for his love of music. Meanwhile, the 38-year-old uncle managed to escape in a white Mercedes SUV and remains at large, according to police sources.

A neighbor named Julie, who witnessed the shooting from her kitchen window while washing dishes, recounted the terrifying incident. She heard the rapid succession of gunshots and saw the commotion next door, where the tragic event unfolded. Julie mentioned that gatherings and parties were a frequent occurrence at the residence.

Neighbors revealed that disturbances in the household prompted several calls to the police in the past. While the NYPD confirmed responding to two domestic incidents at the location earlier this year, details were not provided.

One long-time neighbor, aged 60, expressed frustration over the loud parties and disruptive behavior, including guests speeding and causing noise pollution. The neighbor emphasized the community’s discomfort with such disturbances, especially as many are elderly and seek a peaceful living environment.

The tragic shooting incident shocked the neighborhood, with residents awakened by gunshots and the ensuing chaos. The 113th Precinct, which covers Springfield Gardens, had seen a significant decrease in homicides this year compared to the same period last year, although shootings have increased.

As of May 21, the citywide homicide rate was down 13% from the previous year, while shootings decreased by 25%. However, this incident serves as a tragic reminder of the violence that can occur within communities, emphasizing the need for continued efforts to promote peace and resolve conflicts peacefully.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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