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Two guests wearing white attire caused the bride to feel upset on her wedding day

Sadness is one feeling that you should avoid experiencing on your wedding day. However, some visitors did not give one bride much of a choice after they arrived wearing white dresses. One of the primary methods used historically to make the bride stand out on a special day?

The majority of people are aware that they shouldn’t wear white to a wedding unless it is the color scheme, even if this is seldom stated as a guideline in the invitation.

Not only may it be disappointing for the bride to discover that she wasn’t the only one wearing white that day, but it can also make the occasion seem very strange in photographs for years to come, leading others who don’t know the bride to wonder who was being married.

Unfortunately, when preparing to celebrate a friend’s wedding recently, a few of the guests Isabella Santos Giha of TikTok didn’t seem to take those things into consideration.

Giha focused on not just one, but two wedding guests who donned floor-length white dresses in a piece published this week. Before turning to a picture of the real bride wearing her garment on the wedding day, the ad said that one of the outfits was a “legit wedding dress.”

Bride left upset on her wedding day
Credit: TikTok/@isabellasg3

Giha said the bride was left feeling “sad” as some of her guests had clashed with her outfit, despite the fact that she still looked stunning. Giha asked viewers not to wear white to a wedding with the video. It is regrettable and disrespectful, according to The Sun.

Many viewers expressed sympathy for the bride after she became upset on her special day, but some viewers responded to say that the unwritten ‘rule’ wasn’t as widely accepted as some people might think.

When I was 17, I accidentally unintentionally wore white. I had no idea. One observer said, “It was a lace skater skirt with a laced crop top, and another added, “What?? At my cousin’s wedding, I wore white. I had no idea it existed. OMG, I’m so sorry.

Regardless of whether the two ladies were aware of the problem with the dress code or not, viewers were reassured that the bride still looked beautiful and that no one could ruin her special day.

Thankfully, the bride’s dress, which had a large skirt and long lace sleeves to match her white lace veil, was at least a different style from the other two white dresses at the occasion. She shouldn’t have been depressed on the day for too long; it’s too precious for that.


Please never wear WHITE at someones wedding. It is sad and disrespect. @sisilozada #bolivia

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Rhiannon Ingle
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