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MAGA Civil War: Donald Trump’s ‘Underlings’ Might Be Turning On Each Other

Amidst the aftermath of former President Donald Trump’s recent federal indictment, a situation reminiscent of Watergate seems to be emerging as some individuals previously associated with Trump are showing signs of turning on each other. This shift within Trump’s circle, while not comparable to the extensive Watergate scandal, has attracted attention and speculation about potential cooperation with authorities.

Rolling Stone reported that Trump’s “co-conspirators” are exhibiting signs of distancing themselves from the actions of others within the campaign and legal team. Notably, the indicted individuals have not yet been formally charged by the special counsel or other prosecutors.

Among those listed as unindicted conspirators in the indictment are prominent figures such as Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Sidney Powell, Jeffrey Clark, and Kenneth Chesebro, who played various roles in Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election results.

There’s a growing sense that pressure from prosecutors might lead some of these figures to cooperate, either by implicating others or providing information that could be used against Trump himself. The special counsel’s office appears to be well-informed about the internal dynamics and potential divisions within Trump’s post-election efforts.

Observers anticipate further charges, given the ongoing scrutiny, with a strong focus on the “co-conspirators” listed in the indictment. The situation with Chesebro, in particular, stands out, as he appears to have shifted his political alignment relatively recently and was not a long-time associate of conservative media figures.

In this complex and evolving scenario, the implications of cooperation, shifting loyalties, and potential legal consequences for these individuals remain subjects of ongoing speculation and analysis. As the legal proceedings progress, more revelations may come to light, shedding additional insight into this intriguing and politically charged situation.



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