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The View Co-Host Sounds Alarm on Trump’s Second Term Dangers and Urges Action

On Thursday’s episode of “The View,” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin raised concerns about the private behavior of Donald Trump and its potential threat to the United States. The discussion stemmed from criticism of Republicans who, despite acknowledging Trump’s erratic behavior, remain willing to support him.

Joy Behar highlighted the revelations in former Rep. Liz Cheney’s book, “Oath and Honor,” where Cheney expresses her belief that Trump poses a danger to the country and should not be allowed to become president again. The co-hosts noted that despite some Republicans sharing this view, they are hesitant to vote for a Democrat.

Behar emphasized Cheney’s statement that Trump’s enablers are the problem, particularly because they are reluctant to impeach him due to fear of political repercussions and potential violence. Griffin underscored the danger a second Trump administration could pose.

Expressing her refusal to vote for Trump, Griffin warned of the perils outlined by Cheney, stating, “If you thought the first term of Trump was bad, buckle up. Liz Cheney said we’re sleepwalking into dictatorship. I say we’re careening into it. Donald Trump told us what to expect in a second term, and we need to listen to it.”

Griffin explained that limitations on Trump’s actions in his first term were due to his unfamiliarity with the federal government and the need for reelection. However, she argued that these constraints would no longer apply in a second term. She pointed out Trump’s plans to purge civil servants with expertise and replace them with loyalists, along with his disdain for the media, signaling potential dangers.

Recalling a concerning incident from her time in the White House, Griffin detailed how Trump spoke about executing individuals who leaked stories, emphasizing the urgency of stopping him. She highlighted his past interactions with Gen. Mark Milley, raising alarm about the severity of the threat posed by Trump.

The news concluded with a mention of the White House’s claim that Trump wasn’t rushed to the bunker but was merely “inspecting” it during the George Floyd protests.

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