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Geraldo Rivera Sends A Strong Message To Democrats Amidst Trump’s Legal Battles

Geraldo Rivera, the veteran television journalist and longtime friend of former President Donald Trump, recently spoke to Newsmax about the GOP presidential debate.

According to a report by Newsmax on Thursday, September 28, 2023, Geraldo Rivera said that the Wednesday’s GOP debate would possibly have been “less chaotic” and “far more interesting” if Trump participated.

Newsmax quoted him as saying: “I wonder if it would be a lot less chaotic if Donald Trump … had decided to appear.”

“I think there would have been far fewer of these very noisy, but improbable candidates, on that debate stage. It would have been far more interesting.”

Geraldo Rivera told Democrats that if they want to beat Trump, it should be at the polling place and not in the courtroom.

Newsmax quoted him as saying: “I hope that these various litigation and criminal charges and so forth don’t preempt the election.”

“You have to beat Donald Trump at the polling place, I say to Democrats, if they want to beat him, not in the courtroom.”

Trump’s decision not to participate in the debate has led to speculation about his intentions and strategy.

Some analysts believe that Trump may be keeping his options open and choosing not to engage in early debates to maintain a sense of suspense and control over the political narrative.

Others suggest that he may be waiting for a more opportune moment to formally announce his candidacy.

The absence of Trump from the debate stage has provided an opportunity for other Republican candidates to gain visibility and present their visions for the future of the party.

Without Trump’s commanding presence, the debate offered a chance for candidates to distinguish themselves and outline their policy positions on issues ranging from the economy and healthcare to immigration and foreign policy.

The Republican Party is undergoing a period of internal debate and reflection, as it grapples with questions about its identity and direction post-Trump.

Trump’s influence on the party is undeniable, with a devoted base of supporters who continue to rally behind him.

However, there is also a segment of the GOP that seeks a more traditional and policy-focused approach to conservatism.

The second GOP debate was expected to be a key moment in shaping the narrative of the Republican Party’s future.

The absence of Trump raises questions about the extent to which his influence will define the party’s direction in the coming years.

It also highlights the divisions within the GOP and the challenges faced by candidates seeking to lead a party with a diverse and sometimes conflicting set of priorities.

While Trump’s decision not to participate in the second GOP debate may have left many Republican voters disappointed, it is important to note that the former president’s approach to political engagement has always been unconventional and unpredictable.

His ability to command media attention and shape the political discourse remains a defining feature of American politics, and his actions are closely watched by both supporters and critics.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the role of Donald Trump within the Republican Party will continue to be a central theme in American politics.

His decision to skip the second GOP debate is just one chapter in the ongoing saga of Trump’s influence on the party and the nation’s political landscape.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group

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