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Trump’s J6 Girl Going To Prison After Giving Birth?

On January 6th, 2021, Felicia Konold concluded a cross-country journey with her brother Cory at the United States Capitol, where they joined millions in attending President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse.

According to The Gateway Pundit, however, Felicia’s life took a stark turn as she now faces the possibility of up to six months in prison, sparking concerns about potentially losing everything, including custody of her children.

In a scenario that has attracted significant attention, Felicia and her brother Cory were prosecuted by the Biden DOJ, purportedly as members of the Proud Boy group, accused of conspiring to obstruct Congress, despite their lack of affiliation with the Proud Boys.

Felicia’s insistence to reporters that she was not associated with the group further underlined the gravity of the situation. A single mother of two, juggling two jobs, up to 80 hours per week, along with her educational pursuits and homeschooling her son, Felicia never anticipated the tumult that would follow her attendance on January 6.

Her challenges were compounded when an early morning FBI raid at her aunt’s residence resulted in her arrest, solitary confinement, and eventual release with restrictive conditions.

Initial legal representation, Attorney Albert Watkins, was dismissed after advising against media interactions, yet facilitating an interview with Alexandra Pelosi for an HBO documentary.

This move backfired, as the interview took an unexpected turn, leading to Felicia and others being portrayed as “Trump cult members” in the documentary.

With her third attorney, Nick Smith, Felicia is considering a plea deal that could result in a 0-6 month prison sentence, prompting fears of further ramifications, including potential job loss, disrupted education, and child custody challenges.

Facing financial constraints, Felicia remains concerned about securing proper care for her children in the event of her incarceration. As her sentencing date approaches on January 25, 2024, support for Felicia and her children through is being sought.



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