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SHOCKING! Trump’s IT Director Spills the Beans – What He Revealed Will Leave You Speechless!

In a shocking twist, Yuscil Taveras, the IT director at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, has agreed to cooperate against the ex-president. Taveras, as part of a federal case, entered a cooperation agreement where he testified to being directed to delete crucial surveillance footage at the request of prosecutors.

What’s truly surprising is that Taveras still works at Mar-a-Lago, despite his cooperation. While Trump frequents Bedminster more these days, this development could lead to some awkward encounters.

The New York Times profile delves into the intriguing story of how Taveras became a witness against Trump. In June 2022, he confided in an office mate that he was asked, at Trump’s behest, to delete vital investigative footage. As the story spread, even Trump Tower received word, with Trump Organization bosses warning against any deletions.

Taveras initially omitted crucial details in his grand jury testimony, but a prosecutor’s threat prompted him to cooperate fully, even switching lawyers in the process. This shift in testimony led to a superseding indictment, adding charges against Trump, his co-defendant Walt Nauta, and Carlos De Oliveira, Mar-a-Lago’s property manager, who allegedly ordered Taveras to delete the footage.

The Times also unravels the timeline of the request to delete security footage. After prosecutors subpoenaed months of Mar-a-Lago security footage in June 2022, De Oliveira contacted Taveras, claiming “the boss” wanted the footage gone. Taveras refused, and the footage remained intact after the Trump Organization’s security and legal departments intervened.

Taveras’s testimony could be a game-changer in proving that Trump, Nauta, and De Oliveira conspired to obstruct the investigation, according to the Times.

Meanwhile, Stanley Woodward, who previously represented Taveras and now represents Nauta, faces scrutiny over potential conflicts of interest. Prosecutors have hinted at this issue, and a hearing request is pending.

While Taveras is the sole person in the four active criminal cases against Trump to officially enter a prosecution agreement, speculation abounds that other co-defendants, particularly in the Georgia RICO case, may follow suit.

In a twist of fate, Trump is planning a “family-style” fundraiser to support his codefendants through the Patriot Legal Defense Fund and Save America PAC. The exact timing remains uncertain, but it’s sure to be a development worth watching.

Paul joined the Manchester Evening News in 2004 and Tosbos in 2022. A senior reporter, he's experienced in crime and court reporting - and also holds the defense portfolio.


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