Trump’s Dismissal of ‘Feeble’ Video Sparks Clash with Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project released a video titled “Feeble” on Monday, swiftly dismissed by the 45th president as “fake” and created by “perverts and losers” at the Lincoln Project. In a post on TruthSocial, the ex-president claimed that the group was using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their commercials to portray him negatively, urging Fox News not to air them.

The one-minute video, produced by The Lincoln Project—a coalition of GOP and ex-GOP anti-Trumpers—presents a critical portrayal of the former president, highlighting his perceived gaffes and missteps during and after his tenure in the White House. The video questions his competence and suggests he is “weak” and “unsteady.”

A female narrator in the video critiques Trump’s pronunciation struggles, referencing past incidents where he appeared to slur his words. The narrator subtly suggests the possibility of dementia, linking it to Trump’s family history as his father, Fred Trump Sr., died of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The video further critiques Trump’s cognitive abilities, citing instances of factual errors and confusion in his statements. It contrasts Trump’s perceived frailty with President Joe Biden’s portrayed strength and fitness, featuring scenes of Biden jogging, riding a bike, and engaging in official activities.

The video also alludes to Trump’s isolation, showcasing him being left behind by Melania Trump while emphasizing the narrator’s claim that Trump is “falling apart” and “breaking down right in front of our eyes.”

The Lincoln Project clarifies that the clips used in the video are not generated by artificial intelligence and are authentic recordings of the former president. Trump’s response on TruthSocial accused the group of attempting to make him appear “bad and pathetic” and criticized news networks for running such ads.

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