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Jack Smith Calls Out Trump’s Defense for Strange Mistake

Special Counsel Jack Smith has taken issue with the apparent error in timing presented by Donald Trump’s defense team in the ongoing legal proceedings related to the January 6 Capitol riots.

In a recent legal filing, Smith’s office criticized the defense’s statement that they are “starting with a blank slate” as the prosecution has been investigating the matter for “three and a half years.”

The Special Counsel’s office as reported by the Independent on Saturday, August 12, 2023, pointed out that this claim is not only factually inaccurate, as the events of January 6, 2021, occurred two and a half years ago, but also disingenuous in its portrayal of the case’s development.

The defense team’s assertion about the duration of the investigation drew attention on social media, with CBS reporter Scott MacFarlane tweeting, “I’ve seen many math mistakes in assorted Jan 6 defense court filings over the years. But this one is a whopper.”

Amid the legal back-and-forth, there has been a dispute over the proposed trial dates for Donald Trump regarding charges stemming from his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results.

Special Counsel Jack Smith suggested a trial date of January 2, 2024, which is less than two weeks before the Iowa caucuses. In the filing, Smith indicated that the “case in chief will take no longer than four to six weeks.”

Trump responded critically to the proposed scheduling, expressing his displeasure on Truth Social, stating that “Deranged Jack Smith has just asked for a trial on the Biden Indictment to take place on January 2nd, just ahead of the important Iowa Caucuses.”

Trump continued to criticize the timing of the trial, asserting that it would interfere with the election process and emphasizing his First Amendment rights. He argued that such a trial if it occurs at all, should be scheduled “AFTER THE ELECTION,” echoing his concerns about election interference.

The ongoing legal battle continues to draw attention, with the timing and scheduling of the trial becoming a focal point of contention between the prosecution and the former president’s defense team.



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