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After Crowd Starts Chanting, Trump Turns to Event Founder with Question He Just Had to Ask

At the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 2023 Road to Majority conference, attendees expressed a strong desire for a president who can withstand the constant attacks from progressive Marxists and establishment RINOs, believing that it is precisely what America needs.

During his keynote speech in Washington, D.C., Trump received an enthusiastic reception from the crowd, which started chanting, “We love Trump,” before he even took the stage. This stark contrasted with the reaction former GOP Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie faced, as he was booed off the stage when attempting to criticize Trump, portraying him as a failure unwilling to take responsibility for his mistakes.

A clip of Christie’s speech getting booed went viral on Twitter, drawing significant attention to the incident. Trump, always quick to seize an opportunity, walked to the microphone amid the crowd’s chants and referred to the incident, questioning whether other candidates received similar treatment and highlighting the contrast in reception.

It is worth noting that Trump refrained from directly naming Christie or creating a new nickname for him, suggesting a potentially more disciplined approach. Only time will reveal if this marks a shift in Trump’s strategy.

The three-day event, as reported by the New York Daily News, featured over 50 speakers, including nearly a dozen Republican presidential candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The conference, known as the largest gathering of conservative and Christian activists in the nation, garnered significant attention.

While DeSantis received a warm welcome, it paled in comparison to the reception Trump received. Trump’s popularity extends beyond conservative Christians, as indicated by the latest Five Thirty-Eight poll, where he maintains 52.5 percent support among Republican voters. In contrast, DeSantis trails at 21.3 percent, while other candidates struggle to reach double digits. Christie’s support stands at a meager 2.2 percent.

With the primaries still far off, much can change. Leftists remain determined to undermine Trump by any means, driven by fear of his originality. Similarly, many establishment Republicans and RINOs share this sentiment.

On the other hand, conservative Christians, represented by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, continue to support Trump. They perceive him as a true original who possesses the resilience to defend the values they hold dear.

Despite the efforts of leftists and RINOs, Trump has proven resilient thus far, and conservative Christians are hopeful that he will stay the course. This article appeared originally in The Western Journal.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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