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Appeals Court Allows Donald Trump to Mock Witnesses, Mary Trump Speaks Out

The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has temporarily lifted the gag order imposed against former President Donald Trump by Judge Tanya Chutkan, pending a decision following a November 20 hearing.

According to a report by Mediaite on Saturday, November 4, 2023, the decision has sparked outrage from critics, notably Mary Trump, the host of The Mary Trump Show podcast and a vocal critic of the ex-president.

Mary Trump, in an exclusive video released to her The Good In Us newsletter subscribers, expressed deep concern about the temporary lift on the gag order, highlighting the potential implications of Trump’s unrestricted speech.

“So the appeals court in D.C. just placed a stay on Judge Chutkan’s limited gag order on Donald Trump until they hold a hearing about that matter on November 20th,” said Mary Trump.

“That gives Donald another 17 days to mock, insult, and otherwise threaten potential witnesses and jurors. And we know he’s going to do that because that’s what he does.”

The decision to lift the gag order has raised questions about the fairness of the legal process, with critics fearing that Trump’s unrestrained speech could influence witnesses and jurors in ongoing legal proceedings.

Mary Trump pointed out that gag orders are typically put in place to prevent such interference and ensure a fair trial.

Additionally, Mary Trump criticized the behavior of Trump’s legal team, specifically mentioning an incident involving Judge Engoran’s law clerk.

She highlighted that the judge had imposed fines totaling $15,000 on Trump, but this amount seemed inconsequential to the former president.

“To most people, $15,000 is a lot of money. And to him, it’s nothing. He’ll just send out a fundraising email or something to cover that tab,” she said, emphasizing the apparent lack of accountability.

Mary Trump also expressed bewilderment at the actions of Trump’s lawyers, who, despite the gag order, launched attacks against Judge Chutkan’s clerk.

She defended the clerk’s role, stating that passing notes in court is a standard practice to maintain confidentiality and communication within the legal team.

The lifting of the gag order allows Trump, along with his lawyers and family members Eric and Donny, to speak freely about the trial, albeit with certain limitations.

Mary Trump claimed they are still permitted to lie about other aspects of the case, except when it involves personal attacks against law clerks, prosecutors, and trial witnesses.

Critics of the decision worry that Trump’s unrestrained speech could undermine the integrity of the legal process, potentially influencing the outcome of the trial.

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