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Trump Teetering on Brink of ‘Gross Paranoid Psychosis’! Psychiatrist’s Alarming Warning as the Pressure Mounts

After Donald Trump’s controversial testimony in the $250 million financial fraud lawsuit brought against him and the Trump Organization by New York Attorney General Letitia James, a renowned psychiatrist has expressed concerns about the former president’s mental state.

During an interview with Salon’s Chauncey DeVega, Dr. Lance Dodes, a former clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, indicated that Trump’s numerous legal troubles and the potential loss of his financial fortune are exacerbating his existing mental issues.

Dr. Dodes suggested that this could lead to the incitement of violence, similar to what occurred on January 6. In response to questions about Trump’s recent behavior, Dodes stated, “Donald Trump’s severe narcissistic and antisocial (sociopathic) character disorder makes it impossible for him to tolerate or acknowledge losses or defeats.”

He also mentioned that Trump is losing touch with reality and is unable to handle accountability for his falsehoods. Dodes explained that while some describe Trump as “decompensating,” it is more accurate to say that this process is revealing his long-standing inability to perceive reality and his intense self-interest.

He predicted that as pressure continues to mount, Trump’s claims of greatness, his resistance to legal constraints or consequences, and his harmful impulses towards those who challenge him will intensify, leading to a further decline in his mental health.

Ultimately, Dr. Dodes warned that Trump may deteriorate to the point of “gross paranoid psychosis” and become more overtly incendiary, potentially inciting riots and civil unrest rather than accepting the consequences of being held accountable.



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