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Former Trump Strategist Condemns Trump’s Dictatorship Comments and Criticizes Outrageous Media Remarks by Kash Patel

Former President Donald Trump faced criticism for his remarks during a recent Iowa town hall with Sean Hannity, where he suggested he would act as a dictator, particularly on “day one.” Trump, however, avoided clarifying whether he intended to abuse the powers of his office when pressed for specifics.

David Urban, a former Trump strategist, expressed his perspective on CNN, acknowledging the regrettable nature of Trump’s comments. When asked about the dictator’s comments, Urban mentioned that if he had the opportunity, he would question the former president’s decision, stating, “If I had the president here, I would shake him and say, what the hell are you doing?” He noted that Trump is unlikely to admit to making a mistake, emphasizing that it’s not in his nature.

The discussion touched on the dynamic between Trump and Sean Hannity, with the anchors highlighting Hannity’s attempt to convey his disapproval on stage. Urban emphasized that Trump dislikes having his arm twisted by Hannity, and despite the mistake, Trump is not likely to concede it.

The conversation also delved into comments made by Kash Patel, a former counterterrorism advisor on the National Security Council. Patel suggested a plan to target not only conspirators in the government but also in the media, stating, “We are coming after the people in the media who lied.”

Urban criticized these remarks, labeling them as outrageous and unhelpful. He pointed out that such statements while appealing to a certain segment of the primary electorate, may not resonate well with a broader voter base in areas like Macomb County, Bucks County, or Montgomery County.

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