An employee of Trump sobs in court after confessing to crimes

According to CNN, in a dramatic turn of events during the civil fraud trial involving the Trump Organization, former Trump Organization controller Jeff McConney broke down in tears while testifying.

After four days of testimony and two appearances on the witness stand, McConney emotionally revealed that the stress of various investigations and accusations of misconduct led him to leave the company he had worked for and loved for 35 years.

Responding to a question from Jesus Suarez, an attorney for former President Donald Trump, about why he left the Trump Organization, McConney took a long pause, removed his glasses, and threw his arms in the air. He tearfully explained that he couldn’t bear the accusations of misrepresenting assets for the company he loved and just wanted to relax.

McConney, a co-defendant in the civil fraud trial, expressed the toll that multiple subpoenas and testifying in connection to various government cases had taken on him. He emphasized his pride in his 35-year career with the company but admitted that the years of investigations accusing him of inflating asset valuations on Trump’s financial statements had left him frustrated, leading him to “give up.”

During cross-examination, McConney acknowledged receiving a substantial severance package from the Trump Organization but emphasized the emotional toll the investigations had taken on him. The trial has delved into allegations of inflated asset values on Trump’s financial statements, with McConney attributing responsibility to the outside accounting firm Mazars in previous testimony.

Assistant New York Attorney General Andrew Amer challenged McConney’s testimony, suggesting that he was involved in financial statements as recently as 2021, contrary to his earlier claims that he passed off the duty to another executive around 2016. Amer presented handwritten notes from McConney on 2021 financial statement drafts, indicating his continued involvement.

The trial is set to resume after the Thanksgiving break, with Trump Hotels CFO Mark Hawthorn expected to testify. Deutsche Bank lenders involved in loans with the Trump Organization are also expected to testify under subpoena.

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