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Don’t Tell Donald Trump: Republicans Have No Chance Of Impeaching Joe Biden

While President Biden’s tenure has seen numerous attempts by Republican members of Congress to introduce impeachment resolutions, none have gained traction due to a lack of support from House Republican leadership.

Yet, under pressure from the conservative base, the more right-leaning faction of the Republican caucus, and former President Donald Trump, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has expressed intentions to advance an impeachment inquiry during the upcoming fall. However, he has clarified that he is advocating for an inquiry rather than outright impeachment.

A recent report suggests that McCarthy may face challenges in garnering the necessary votes for such an inquiry. CNN has revealed that McCarthy and other GOP leaders in the House are strategizing on initiating an impeachment inquiry, with plans to commence the process by the conclusion of September.

Nevertheless, the entire House Republican conference does not universally endorse the politically delicate concept of impeachment. The Republicans are currently short of the 218 votes required to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Unlike previous instances of impeachment, the Constitution does not mandate a House vote to initiate such an inquiry. This divergence was evident in Donald Trump’s second impeachment in 2021, which did not stem from a formal impeachment inquiry.

While the absence of a vote might not be an obstacle to the inquiry’s initiation, it becomes significant if the GOP, in the narrowly divided House, lacks the requisite votes for a successful impeachment.

The grounds for a potential Biden impeachment remain uncertain, deviating from historical precedents. Although previous resolutions mostly centered on the president’s handling of the Mexico border, the GOP has indicated that the basis for this impeachment would stem from the House Oversight Committee’s investigations into Hunter Biden’s overseas business activities and the notion that President Biden profited from them. In light of this, the Oversight Committee recently convened to rally support for a Biden impeachment inquiry.

“We had even some of our more moderate members saying that the oversight wasn’t serious if the next step wasn’t an impeachment inquiry,” commented Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) regarding this initiative.

However, a concern arises from an unnamed Republican House member who disclosed to CNN that the Oversight investigation has yet to unearth any grounds for impeachment or any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. The lawmaker emphasized the necessity of evidence to pursue impeachment, and the lack thereof in this context.

Additionally, the looming prospect of a government shutdown at the end of September poses another challenge, potentially hindering ongoing investigations.



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