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“If I Win 2024 Election I’ll Pardon Him” Trump Receives Kind Message From A Presidential Candidate

Republican presidential aspirant Vivek Ramaswamy, a 38-year-old Indian American entrepreneur, revealed his unwavering commitment to the Republican cause during a recent appearance on a Sunday talk show.

According to a report by The Political Messenger on Sunday, September 3, 2023, He stated that if former President Donald Trump secures the nomination for the November 2024 US elections, he will not only support Trump but also extend a pardon if elected as President himself.

Ramaswamy’s declaration comes in the wake of his impressive performance in the inaugural Republican primary presidential debate, which has propelled him into the national spotlight.

He finds himself in competition with another prominent Indian American figure, Nikki Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina, for the party’s nomination.

The presidential race, still years away, has already taken a riveting twist with Ramaswamy’s commitment to party unity and his willingness to pardon Trump, who is currently embroiled in a series of legal challenges.

In his interview with ABC News, Ramaswamy affirmed, “If Donald Trump’s the nominee – yes, I will support him, and if I’m the president, yes, I will pardon him because that will help reunite the country.”

The significance of Ramaswamy’s statement lies in his belief that unity within the Republican Party is crucial for the nation’s progress.

He recognizes that regardless of individual policy differences, a divided party can hinder the GOP’s chances in the 2024 elections.

By committing to support Trump and potentially pardon him, Ramaswamy aims to bridge the gap between the more traditional Republican base and the Trump loyalists, thereby strengthening the party’s stance.

However, Ramaswamy was quick to clarify that this commitment to Trump is not his primary focus as a presidential aspirant. He emphasized, “It is the table stakes for moving this country forward.”

He suggested that while pardoning Trump is a step towards healing the nation’s political divisions, his administration would prioritize a broader agenda focused on the country’s challenges and opportunities.

Vivek Ramaswamy’s journey from the business world to the political arena has been nothing short of remarkable.

Born to Indian immigrant parents, he has become a prominent figure in both the business and political spheres.

As an entrepreneur, he made his mark with successful ventures and became known for his outspoken views on issues ranging from free speech to the role of corporations in politics.

His entry into presidential politics is notable not only for his impressive performance but also for the diversity he brings to the Republican field.

As an Indian American, he stands alongside Nikki Haley, offering a fresh perspective on the party’s platform.

In contrast to Ramaswamy’s pledge, the potential for a Trump nomination is surrounded by uncertainties.

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, remains a polarizing figure in American politics.



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