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Trump RANTS at Election Loss To Biden — Attacks Election Crimes Prosecutor Fani Willis In Saturday Morning Rants

Former President Donald Trump woke up on Saturday morning and expressed his ongoing frustration over his election defeat to President Joe Biden. He directed his ire towards Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is leading the prosecution against his efforts to overturn the election results.

Although it feels like a significant amount of time has passed, Willis recently announced a new indictment against Trump, consisting of 13 counts related to election crimes. Trump and his 18 co-defendants, who are also mentioned in the indictment, have been granted until August 25 to surrender for arrest and arraignment. It is anticipated that Trump will comply with this requirement by surrendering on Thursday.

Trump wrote:

Highly respected Georgia State Senator Colton Moore deserves the thanks & congratulations of everyone for having the courage & conviction to fight the Radical Left Lunatics who are so badly hurting the Great State of Georgia, & the USA itself. Failed D.A. Fani Willis, who has allowed Atlanta (Fulton County) to become a record setting Murder and Violent Crime War Zone, with almost no retribution, shockingly Indicted your favorite President, me, for a PERFECT PHONE CALL. She is bad for America! I easily won the Great State of Georgia in 2016, did a fantastic job, as President, for Georgia and the entire USA, received 10 Million more votes than I got, nationwide, in 2016, got by far the most votes in history for a sitting President, but shockingly, “LOST” Georgia. All this despite winning nearby Alabama and South Carolina in Record Setting Landslides. Why did Georgia officials agree to, and sign, the one sided Consent Decree? Does anybody really believe I lost Georgia? I DON’T!

Throughout the week, Trump has maintained a barrage of criticism through his Truth Social platform, revisiting his grievances over his election loss. His posts have been marked by a bitter rehashing of both his general election defeat to Biden and his loss in Georgia.

President Biden’s electoral victory over Trump, which has been extensively verified by state officials, including those from Trump’s own Republican Party, remains a resounding outcome.



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