“They Want Death Penalty For Trump or 1000 Years in Jail” Trump Jr. Raises Concerns

During an interview on Newsmax’s The Balance with Eric Bolling on Monday, October 30, Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, lashed out at the legal proceedings against his father, asserting that prosecutors are gunning for a sentence akin to “a thousand years, and/or the death penalty.”

The Messenger reports that when queried by Bolling about his involvement in his father’s New York civil fraud trial, Trump Jr. confirmed his forthcoming testimony, expressing frustration at what he views as an ongoing charade.

“So you know, we get to continue yet another sham,” he remarked.

However, it’s worth noting that the death penalty is only applicable in cases involving capital offenses, such as murder, treason, genocide, or the kidnapping of high-ranking officials.

Trump’s New York City trial, focused on civil fraud allegations, does not carry the possibility of a criminal sentence, let alone capital punishment.

Furthermore, Trump is not facing the death penalty in any of the 91 criminal charges he currently faces across D.C., Florida, and Georgia.

The former president vigorously denies the charges, asserting that he never misrepresented his company’s value on financial records.

Michael Cohen, a former lawyer turned critic of Trump, contradicted these claims in his recent testimony, alleging that Trump had instructed him to inflate the company’s worth.

Trump promptly dismissed Cohen’s testimony as perjury.

Trump Jr. seized the opportunity to highlight what he perceives as a biased process.

He accused Cohen of lying under oath and condemned the proceedings as a “kangaroo court,” asserting that the rules, Constitution, and standard business practices seemed to hold little sway.

This week, Trump’s children, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Trump Jr., are all slated to give testimony.

Trump Jr. will be the first to take the stand on Wednesday, followed by Eric Trump on Thursday, and Ivanka Trump on Friday.

Both Trump and his children have vocally criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron, characterizing the proceedings as a politically motivated “witch hunt” orchestrated by the Biden administration to derail Trump’s potential 2024 presidential bid.

Trump Jr. voiced his frustration at the perceived double standard, emphasizing that pressing questions about financial transactions involving the Biden family often go unasked.

He concluded, “Our mainstream media, the people in DC, are unwilling to ask it, but they want to throw Trump in jail for a thousand years and/or the death penalty. Truly sick stuff, but this is why we fight.”

As the trial progresses, all eyes are on the courtroom, awaiting further developments in this high-stakes legal battle.

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