Trump Official Has ‘Rear End Hanging Out’ After Arrest

Mark Meadows, former Chief of Staff to Donald Trump, continues to face legal challenges in the Georgia criminal case that names him and Trump as co-defendants, as reported by Mediaite.

On MSNBC, host Nicolle Wallace delved into the Jan. 6 Committee’s collected testimony, highlighting why Meadows remains entangled in the criminal charges. Wallace injected a touch of humor into her commentary.

During a recent conversation with Timothy Heaphy, a lead investigator for the Jan 6 Committee, Wallace emphasized crucial points. She referenced Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, a former aide to Meadows, and Representative Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) statements.

Throughout their discussion, Wallace stressed the wealth of evidence indicating that Meadows played a more significant role in the events of January 6th than he had previously suggested during his tenure in the federal government.

He was practically leading the charge in the fake elector scheme. (Allegedly.) Wallace was almost incredulous when she realized how “exposed” Meadows was:

“I want to deal with this intent and this knowledge of illegality first. So, [Pat] Cippolone and [Greg Jacob], based on their testimony to the committee, are the ones saying in all of these meetings to anyone that’s listening that the plot is illegal, the fake electors plots are illegal. Meadows isn’t just in the meeting, according to Cassidy Hutchinson, he’s convening it! It’s in his office. He’s convening Rudy and all of the people orchestrating the fake elector’s plots.

I mean, I think that before I went back and watched some of the Meadows-specific evidence developed by the committee because all of our talks about Meadows sort of swirl around the opaque nature of his status in the federal probes. I forgot how exposed he is, but he is, you know, naked with his rear end hanging out on the fake electors plot. He’s essentially its quarterback.”

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