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TRUMP LASHES OUT at Georgia Prosecutor After New Evidence of His Election Fraud Is Revealed

A clear indicator of Donald Trump’s mental decline is found in his inflammatory posts on Truth Social, his Twitter-inspired platform. Each post reveals his worsening paranoia, fear, narcissism, and intense animosity toward any dissenting views.

Last week, Judge Tanya Chutkan delivered a stern reprimand to Trump in his election fraud and coup attempt case in Washington, D.C. She warned that further “inflammatory statements,” directed at prosecutors or witnesses, could accelerate his trial on charges related to his attempts to undermine the 2020 election.

Surprisingly, this admonition appears to have momentarily influenced Trump’s behavior. Since receiving the warning, he has refrained from his previous vitriolic commentaries. However, given his well-known temperament and lack of self-control, it’s likely that he will soon violate the judge’s order once again.

Meanwhile, things are heating up in Georgia, with District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County reportedly preparing her fourth criminal indictment. A new report has unveiled evidence suggesting that Trump and his anti-democratic associates exchanged emails and texts discussing a plot to breach voting systems as part of their efforts to overturn the election. As reported by CNN

"Sources tell CNN that Atlanta prosecutors have text messages and emails that directly connect members of Trump's legal team [and Trump] to the 2021 breach of a voting system."

In response to these developments, Trump has initiated a character assassination campaign against Willis. He is disseminating baseless allegations about her personal life, falsely claiming that she is involved in a romantic relationship with a gang member from a group she is prosecuting. These accusations lack any factual foundation and are being propagated by disreputable MAGA supporters. Since Trump can no longer smear Judge Chutkan and special counsel Jack Smith, he is now attacking Willis and the Georgia prosecution, stating that…

For the record, Trump’s actions regarding the 2020 election went beyond mere complaints of it being “rigged and stolen.” He exerted pressure on Georgia’s governor and other election officials, urging them to unlawfully “find” 11,780 more votes to tip the scales in his favor. He also threatened them with prosecution if they refused to comply with his demands.

Furthermore, if Trump genuinely possesses the “massive and conclusive proof” of election rigging he claims, why has he kept it concealed for nearly three years? Why didn’t he present it in any of the sixty election fraud court cases he lost? Instead of futile whining and tantrums, why not release this evidence now to clear his tarnished name?

During a recent appearance in Iowa, Trump was asked if he “defends the actions by your allies in Georgia following the 2020 election?” This seems to refer to the CNN report about breaching voting systems in Georgia. Trump responded that…

If we substitute “allies” with “accomplices,” his response would better reflect the reality. Trump has an extensive list of accomplices engaged in various criminal activities, making it difficult for him to track each one. As his avenues for exoneration close, his outbursts grow increasingly desperate and absurd. And this is just the beginning, as his trials have not yet even begun. Brace yourselves, America.



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